Entire Surface Corrosion

Entire Surface Corrosion - Before and After Treatment

Today, due to its affordability and quick construction potential, lightweight cladding is the material of choice for factories and industrial buildings throughout Ireland and the UK. Yet without proper servicing and maintenance over time cladding surfaces suffer degradation and breakdown as a result of corrosion, which can lead to costly maintenance work and lower the buildings operational life expectancy.

However, with timely inspections and effective treatments from experienced painting and roof contractors, cladding degradation can be stalled and even reversed so that your factory surfaces will always be in the same condition as the day it was fitted. BSP Contracts Ltd, Ireland, have over 25 years of experience in the remedial treatment and painting of cladding surfaces, with past clients such as British Telecoms, Kingspan Building Products and IDBN Ireland. Whatever the condition of your cladding BSP Contracts Ltd have the solution, and can even carry out annual inspections on your building to identify and treat corroded cladding in a way that provides complete peace of mind for business owners.

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